57 Best Content Writing Prompts for Bloggers

Are you a content writer who is constantly coming up with new ideas for your blog posts? Even as an experienced blogger, I’m sure you will encounter times when you have absolutely no clue about what to write for your upcoming blog articles. That’s why in this write-up, I’m sharing some of the best content writing prompts that you can use as a blogger or content creator to get amazing blog article ideas.

By using these writing prompts, you will be able to decide on your upcoming blog articles ideas and topics much faster! I’ve personally used these prompts to help me to generate interesting content ideas for my blog and have found them very useful.

Below are the Best Content Writing Prompts For Bloggers:-

Have You Used Any Useful Tools Lately?

You can share stories about how specific tools have helped you in your business or blog operation. This is because your readers might be looking for similar tools and will find your article very helpful!

What Are The Most Common Questions That Your Readers Would Ask?

The best way to get your article noticed is to provide an answer or answers to pressing questions that practically everybody in your industry are asking about. Trust me, this works!

What Topics Are Your Competitors Writing About That Are Getting Lots Of Engagement?

You can predict whether your article topic will become popular by simply looking at your competitors’ blogs to see which of their articles that are getting lots of engagement. The reason is because your competitors will be targeting a similar target audience as you. So the chances of your readers engaging with your content that features a similar topic will be high! Just make sure not to copy your competitors work because that would be wrong…

Can You Interview An Expert In Your Industry?

Do you have any connections with experts in your industry? If yes, then you can interview an expert and turn it into your next blog post. You can also interview several experts and compile their answers into a roundup blog post.

Do You Have A List Of Go-To Write-Ups That Has Helped You?

Do you frequently refer to certain write-ups to help you in performing certain tasks? You can make a list of these articles and hyperlink them so that your readers will benefit from them too.

Do You Have Any Behind-The-Scenes Stories That You Can Share?

Your readers will be thrilled if you can provide them with some behind-the-scenes stories about your life and what you’ve been up to. Perhaps you have an upcoming project that you’re working on or an existing product that you are improving. You can share snapshots of what you are working on right now to get your readers excited!

Can You Identify What Are Your Most Popular Blog Posts To Date?

If you’ve been blogging for quite awhile, you would be able to identify what are your most popular blog posts. You can do a roundup article featuring a list of these popular blog posts and linking them to the original write-ups.

Which Blog Comment Catches Your Attention The Most?

Besides replying to your blog comments, it’s beneficial to start noticing which blog comment that catches your attention. This is because you can use this blog comment to generate an idea for your upcoming blog article!

Have You Made A Mistake And Learned How To Solve It?

While trying to work on something, have you made a mistake and discovered how to solve it? You can share this experience with your readers in your next blog post so that they can learn from it too!

Have You Achieved Something Significant Recently?

Have you finally achieved a milestone in your life or business that you are proud of? Why not share it with your readers instead of keeping it to yourself? It will be so nice if you can share it with your readers and thank them for their support.

Why Did You Choose To Do Things In A Certain Way?

Your readers may be curious as to why you choose to do things in a certain way. So why not write an article about why you are doing things the way you do? That will give your readers a better understanding about how you approach things.

Can You Name A Person Who Has Impacted Your Life and How You’ve Been Impacted?

Can you tell a story about a person who has impacted your life and how you’ve been impacted? It can be about somebody whom you personally know or someone you admire from afar. It can be an online influencer too!

How Can You Tell When You Are Doing Things The Right Way?

When you’re doing certain things, can you tell whether you’re on the right track? If yes, what questions asked yourself or results that you got that made you conclude whether you’re doing things right? Summarise this into a blog article and I’m sure you’re readers will thank you for it!

Did You Read Any Books That Impacted The Way You Do Things?

If you’ve a book lover, I’m sure that you’ve read some really good books that have impacted they way you are doing things now. You can write an article about these useful books so that your readers can also benefit from them.

What Is Keeping You Awake At Night?

Is there something that is keeping you awake at night? You can share this thought with your readers because chances are – they are feeling the same too! And this will make them relate to your blog article better…

What Significant Things Have You Learned From Your Job/s?

Learning on the job is a golden opportunity that not many people realise. If you’re going through a season in your life or business and have benefited by making the right decisions or doing things correctly because of what you have learned from your job/s, you can share this experience with your readers. I bet you that this will be a great eye-opener to your readers.

Who Are The Ones Motivating You In Your Business And Life Journey?

Gratitude is one of the greatest things that let your readers know that you are ‘human’. So if you are feeling motivated to move on in your business because of someone’s kind words or belief in you, then you can share this in a blog post.

What Are The Latest Trends In Your Industry Right Now?

If you have been constantly reading about topics within your niche, chances are you might have read about the latest trends in your industry. People who are interested in your niche are interested in learning about new things all the time. So if you’re stuck with ideas on what to write for your next article, just pick a latest trend to talk about!

Why Couldn’t You Achieve Certain Things?

Readers within your niche would love to know why some things are just not possible! As hard as it sounds – some things are just myths and some ideas just cannot be achieved without doing certain things first. If you had experienced an obstacle that has blocked you from achieving certain things and have found out the reason for the obstacle, why not share your experience with others?

Can You Write An Open Letter To Your Younger And / Or Future Self?

At your stage in life, what would have you written to your younger self? What would you write to your future self? You can give some advice, rant about something or motivate yourself…This will be an interesting article to write about. It’s not just an article…It’s you talking to yourself through an open letter!

Do You Have A Significant Childhood Memory That Influences You Today?

Sometimes they reason why we do things in a certain way, think about stuff and react to specific scenarios in life is due to something that has happened in the past. If you had a significant childhood memory that has influenced you to be motivated and stay positive in doing what you do, then your readers know about it!

How Do You Keep Yourself Inspired Despite The Challenges?

Everyone goes through challenges in life. I’m sure your readers have their own set of challenges too. By writing an article on how you have inspired yourself to keep going in doing what you are doing despite the obstacles, you are also motivating your readers to strive for the best in life!

What Scares You The Most?

Have you encountered a scary incident in your life that has made you decide on making a bold decision in your life and career? If yes, then you can share this in your article.

What Frustrates You The Most?

What is bothering you right now in your life, business or industry? It can be something that can be easily resolved…Or it can be a myth that has been misleading others to a wrong path…Whatever it is, try to state your frustrations in a way that doesn’t sound too negative. Instead, let your readers know how these frustrations can be resolved.

What Do You Strongly Feel About That Others Should Know?

Do you have a strong opinion about something that you feel others should know? Then it’s time to share it in your upcoming blog article. Because as a blogger, you are also an online influencer. By sharing this, you are showing your readers that you care about them!

What Challenges Do You Face And How Did You Overcome Them?

Have you encountered challenges in life or business that you have managed to overcome? If you don’t mind to share about them to your readers, this will greatly encourage them to overcome their own challenges too!

What Do You Like About Yourself?

Do you like yourself because of a certain talent, ability, quality or personality? Sometimes it’s good to let others know why you’re proud being yourself and not just trying to be somebody else. This not only will give you a boost of confidence, but it will also let others know why they should look up to you and what you have to say or share!

What Are Your Hopes For The Future?

Do you have certain goals that you wish to achieve in your life or business? By sharing this through a blog article, your blog readers will know where you are heading and what they to expect from you and your blog in the future.

Why Do You Like Doing What You Are Doing Now?

Do you like blogging, dealing with clients, doing your job or doing anything in your stage of life right now? If yes, then why not share it with your readers? It will help them to relate to you better because it shows that you are ‘human’.

Can You Walk Anyone Through The History To What Got You Started On Your Journey?

If you understand the art of storytelling, then this writing prompt is for you! Your readers are interested in not only what you have to share about your niche. They are interested in what got you started in blogging, immersing yourself in your niche and servicing them! So share your story to them.

Can You Discuss About A Shared Enemy?

Do you and your readers dislike a certain group of people? Who are they? If you can write an article about them, I’m sure your readers will bet interested in reading it!

What Is The Best Unexpected Gift That You’ve Received?

Have you received an unexpected gift that you appreciate so much? How has it helped you in life and business? Share this story to your readers.

Does An Image Remind You Of Something Significant?

Sometimes a writing prompt can also come by looking at an image. If an image can bring you a sense of emotion and remind you about a particular topic within your niche, then just let this image be your guide to inspire you what to write for your next article.

Can You Warn People About A Potential Problem Or Mistake That Might Occur?

Do you know about a potential problem or mistake that your readers are bound to make? Then by writing an article about it and sharing it to your readers, they will be so thankful to you and begin to respect you as a thought leader.

Can You Explain About What Fascinates You The Most?

Are you fascinated about a certain reaction that people make when you say something? Are you fascinated by a certain technology that is changing the way people do things? Are you fascinated by how you can achieve things by doing things in a certain way? These are definitely worth sharing with your readers through your next write-up.

Are There Any Famous Quote That You Can Relate To?

Have you come across a famous quote that you can relate to? It could be a common quote shared in your industry…Or it could be a quote that has helped you to stay motivated in life. It can be a good idea to write an article that explains about a particular quote as long as you know how to apply this quote to your readers challenges and lives.

Can You Write About A Case Study To Educate People?

You can write a case study about an achievement or challenge faced by people in your industry. This will help your readers understand how to apply the knowledge and skills they have into practice.

Do You Disagree With A Common Belief That Is Gripping Your Readers?

Do you know about a common belief that is gripping your readers from success and doing what they want to do in life that you disagree about? Then share why you disagree with it. Your readers will thank you for it!

How Have You Achieved Your Goals?

This an article where you can show off your proud achievements in life. It could be an award you have just received, a high income milestone, or a new goal that you’ve just met for your business.

What Are Your Predictions Of The Future For Your Industry?

What do you think your industry will be like in future? Will it be all rainbows and sunshine? Or will there be more challenges in your industry? Let your readers know because I’m sure they’ll be interested in this!

Have You Regretted Doing Something Before? Why?

Have you regretted doing something before? If you have then let your readers know why…It could be a wrong decision in picking a product, it could be believing in a concept that doesn’t exist or it could be anything at all – as long as it relates to your industry or life.

How Did You Manage To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Many are ready to cheer people on in taking action. But only a handful of people who really want to do something actually get started. By sharing your story on how you managed to get out of your comfort zone, you are encouraging your readers to take action in improving their own lives too!

Have You Seen A Really Great Infographic Recently?

Infographics are great. But we often let great infographics pass us by without even thinking of using the inspiration from the infographics for our next blog post. So the next time you see a great infographic, keep it in a folder and use it as inspiration for your upcoming write-up!

What Are People In Your Industry Talking About On Social Media?

If you’ve been blogging for quite awhile, you will know that being active on social media is not just a fun thing to do. It is to learn more about your industry and to listen to what your readers might want to know about. Can you identify a certain topic that is commonly discussed in social media about your industry that you have yet to cover in your blog? If yes, it’s time to start writing about it!

How Would You Like To Improve Yourself In Future?

Would you like to improve yourself by acquiring certain knowledge and skills that would help you in becoming better in what you do? If yes, then share this goal with your readers. They might also want to improve on those skills too!

Have You Spoken Anywhere Recently – Like At A Conference Or Training?

If you’re into public speaking, then you’ve probably spoken at a conference or training. Instead of just showing off a pretty photo of yourself on stage, why not take parts of what you’ve spoken to write your next blog article?

What Are Your Favourite Apps And Why?

Mobile apps are the so popular nowadays as it provides us with the convenience of getting things done in seconds. If you’ve been using certain mobile apps to help you get things done fast, then why now share about them to your readers through a write-up?

Can You Interview A Member Of Your Team?

If you’re leading a team that is helping you to develop your business and blog, you can also write about a member of your team. By sharing about your team member/s to your readers, it will make your business and brand more relatable to them.

What Is One Of Your Toughest Challenge Doing What You Are Doing Now?

If you have a blog, you’re either in business or you’re maintaining a hobby blog. In your career or blogging moment, what is the toughest challenge that you have encountered? How did you overcome it in order to become what you are today? This information can be turned into a really interesting blog post!

Can You Interview One Of Your Customers Using Your Products?

Have you been selling your products or services to customers who rave about you all the time? If yes, then for your next article, you can choose one of them to be interviewed. Featuring customers in your blog not only helps you to increase your credibility. It also helps other readers in the same situation as your customers to relate to your brand more!

What Are Some Creative Ways People Can Use Your Products For?

Can your product be used in multiple ways? Then write an article on how your customers can use them. Chances are, they might not even know that your product can serve them in so many ways!

Can You Run A Contest?

Would you like to drive more people to your blog and increase people’s awareness about your business and bran? Then by running a contest, you will definitely get more people to take notice about what you do! Write an article about a contest that you are conducting and share it on social media and enjoy more traffic to your blog and website.

Can You Create A Checklist Or Ultimate Guide That Will Benefit Your Readers?

Are there certain checklists and ultimate guides that you can create that will help your readers in overcoming their challenges. Then you can share it in your next article. Chances are, many of your readers will either link back to your valuable write-up or bookmark your post in their computers for future reference!

Can You Review A Book That You Recently Read?

Have you read a book recently that you feel would benefit your blog readers? If yes, then why not write a review about that book! You can also include your affiliate link in your article so that you can get some commission by recommending the book to others.

What Popular Keywords Within Your Industry You Can Focus Your Next Article On?

If you’re into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), chances are that you will notice certain keywords that are popular within your industry. If you want your next article to be a hit, then why not focus your upcoming write-up on those popular keywords?

Can You Create A Seasonal Post Meant For Either Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring?

Especially for eCommerce businesses, every season will provide different opportunity to sell certain products. So why not write seasonal posts that are specially prepared to address topics pertaining to either summer, autumn, winter or spring?

What Are The Useful Things That You Learned That Has Helped You?

Have you acquired a specific knowledge or skill that you have found to be very useful in helping you to progress in your life and business? If yes, then why not share about it to your readers? Let them know why it’s worth acquiring those skills so that they will be motivated to improve themselves too!

And the above sums up my 57 Best Content Writing Prompts For Bloggers. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced blogger, I’m sure that you will benefit greatly by using these prompts. Have you used any of these prompts before or have other great content writing prompts to share? If yes, then share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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