How To Monetize Your Sales Funnel Faster For Better Revenue

If you want to gain an endless flow of leads for your business so that you can turn them into loyal subscribers and paying customers, then you’ve probably heard about the concept of having a sales funnel.

Knowing how to build a sales funnel to generate leads is one thing. But creating a sales funnel that will make you money as soon as possible is a whole different skill altogether!

So in this article, I’m going to reveal to you the top strategies you can use to monetize your sales funnel faster so that you can skyrocket your business revenue. Because the quicker you get cashflow into your business, the faster your business will become a success. And you’ll have the money to expand your business even further with the additional funds!

Use Buyer Intent Keywords

There are many ways that you can use to get your potential customers into your sales funnel. Normally, at the top of your sales funnel, you’ll want to attract your potential customers to opt-in to your email list by offering a freebie.

If you want to know about potential freebies that you can create fast, then go to my article – 5 Quick Freebies You Can Create For Lead Generation.

And to make sales fast, it’s best for you to run paid ads to your landing page that offers the freebies.

To make sure that you attract the right customers who are willing to buy from you now, focus on running your ads based on buyer intent keywords.

Buyer intent keywords are search queries that people are using that indicates that they are actively looking to purchase something.

In your advertisements, you’ll need to focus on buyer intent keywords that your potential customers are currently using that are related to the product or service that you want to promote to them.

By focusing on these keywords, even if the person who opts-in to your email list doesn’t buy from you immediately, the chances of that lead converting into a sale in the future is high because by using buyer intent keywords indicate that the person is in the process of searching for answers to his or her pressing problems.

One of the ways to target buyer intent keywords in your paid advertisements is by using Google Adwords.

Introduce Low-Priced Products Fast

As soon as somebody opts-in to your email list, you can immediately introduce to that person a low-priced product that is related to the freebie that they’ve just requested.

By doing this, the new subscriber is encouraged to make a purchase by just paying a small amount of money. When somebody starts to buy from you, that person will be more likely to buy from you again and again.

And by introducing the low-priced product to that person fast, this gives you the opportunity to earn a small amount of money to cover your advertising costs.

To make people want to buy your low-priced product, the product must help to solve a problem that is bigger than the problem that your freebie is solving. It also has to be a product that has a high perceived value so that people will find it irresistible.

Examples of low-priced products are such as a series of video training, an ebook, a physical book or a short audio course.

Upsell To Buyers In Heat

Some of your customers who have bought your low-priced products would be opened to buying another product from you immediately. These are buyers in heat. They are looking for quick solutions and better results for solving their pressing problems.

Take the opportunity to earn extra money from your buyers in heat by immediately introducing your upsell product or service which is priced higher than your lower-priced product just in case there are customers willing to buy more from you.

By doing this, you are catching your customers while they are in the ‘buying mode’. So they would be more open to buying at that instant.

Upsells can be done just before you take your customers to the checkout page once they buy your low-priced product.

Promote Higher Ticket Products

Once your customer buys your upsell product, you can invite them to a webinar to introduce to them a higher ticket product.

Although fewer people will want to buy your higher ticket products, you’ll make far more money by having one sale of a higher ticket product compared to making 10 sales of a lower-priced product or an upsell product.

So this step is completely worth it!

Promote Membership Programs

You can also consider promoting membership programs as one of your upsells. The great thing about membership programs is that it encourages your subscribers to continue learning from you. By doing this, they will continue to remember you. So that they will become open to making another purchase from you when you introduce it to them in the future.

You can provide a free one-month membership for your subscribers and later on charge them on a monthly basis. When you give great value to your subscribers during their free one-month trial, they’ll want to stick around and continue paying for your membership program especially if your monthly fees are very affordable!

The easiest way to get people to sign up for your membership program is to introduce it to them just before the checkout page.

Don’t Forget About Downsells!

Not everyone would want to buy your upsells. So when your subscribers say ‘no’ to your upsells, you can take the opportunity to still make some money from them by offering downsells.

Downsells are a ‘lighter’ version of your ‘upsells’ and priced at a lower price compared to your upsell products or services. They also provide solutions to your subscribers’ pressing problems but do not help to solve them to a wide extent like what your upsells do.

Follow-Up With Subscribers Based On Their Behaviour

At the end of the day, having a sales funnel is about building relationships with your subscribers. They might not buy immediately. The more you communicate with them, the more you’ll begin to learn about their needs.

I’d encourage you to follow-up with your subscribers, especially via email campaigns. I use an intelligent email autoresponder called ConvertKit that helps me to streamline my subscribers based on their actions and response towards my email campaigns.

So when a subscriber clicks on a certain link pertaining to a certain topic, I can automatically tag that subscriber based on their topic of interest. So I know what sort of subsequent emails I should send to that person to get a positive response in the future.

You can use this function to send email campaigns to promote products and services that are related to the topics that your subscribers are interested in.

That way, it’ll be very likely that your subscribers will buy more and more products and services from you because you’ll introduce them to things that they are interested in!

To experience this function and start building your email list, you can sign up for a free ConvertKit account now.

Need help with your sales funnel copy?

Now that you know how to monetize your sales funnels faster for better revenue, it’s time to start building your landing pages, build your funnels and start making money!

If you need help in creating copy for your sales funnels, I’m here for you. I’m a Conversion Copywriter for coaches, consultants and trainers. I help with non-salesy copy that converts. For more information about my sales funnel copywriting services, go here.


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