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FREE Secrets: 7 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Kill Your Sales & Conversions

FREE Secrets: 7 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Kill Your Sales & Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Here are my answers.

Copywriting is the process of creating words that sell. It’s not just writing for the sake of writing. But it’s the art of writing in a way that persuades and motivates your audience to take action, buy from you or take the next step in their customer journey.

I know that anyone can write. But if you’ve been struggling with writing about yourself and your services, or finding it hard to share your thoughts to your ideal clients through written content, then a professional copywriter can help you.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO copywriting is pretty similar to regular copywriting. The difference is it strategically includes the keywords that you would like your business to rank in search engines like Google.

When people want to find solutions for their problems, they will type in certain search phrases (SEO keywords) in their search engines.

So, when you rank in the right keywords that are used by your ideal clients, you’ll increase your chances of being discovered by people who will buy from you, tell others about you, or follow your brand.

You’ll get in front of your ideal clients for free because your website will be made visible to them through search engines.

By using this strategy, you won’t need to rely so much on paid advertisements especially once your SEO rankings kick in!

No problem. I have experience working as a SEO Specialist in a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. So, I can help you with this.

Finding the right keywords that could possibly rank your website in Google can be challenging. You need to do some detective work and find out the keywords your ideal clients are inputting in their search engines.

And at the same time, you need to know which keywords have higher chances of ranking your website well in Google.

I have worked with multiple clients to figure out strong keywords that have helped them to rank their websites. 

If you need my assistance with finding suitable SEO keywords for your website, I have an add-on service at only AUD 75 that covers all this.

I’m a really dedicated copywriter with years of experience in both marketing and communications.

I have written for multiple industries and target audiences. I’m able to take your brand story and message and turn it into creative and compelling copy that would spark the emotions of your ideal clients.

When you work with me, I’ll go all in to learning about your business and brand, and put the same amount of love when writing your copy as if I’m writing for my own business.

My speciality is in creating copy that will help you to generate more leads, conversions and sales.

I’ve promoted educational products and services including trainings, conferences, congresses and higher education courses.

If all this is what you’re after, then I’ll be the best copywriter for you.

Yes, I can. But to make this happen, we need to work collaboratively.

Before I start on your project, I will prepare for you a pre-onboarding questionnaire. When you complete this, it’ll help me to understand your brand story, ideal clients, and the message that you want to portray.

We’ll also have a Strategy Call and ongoing discussions (recorded if possible) to give me the opportunity to tap into your inner voice and feelings.

I’ll also look into my email correspondence with you to pick up key phrases that you often use to express certain things.

And after I complete my first draft, I’ll hand it over to you so that you can make some minor tweaks. You might want to say certain things in a different way. So let me know and I’ll do the tweaks for you.

It depends. If your current written content is not strong, impactful and persuasive enough, even if I edited your content, it wouldn’t make a difference to your business growth.

To make a decision, I’ll need to see your existing copy to know if I can help edit your work. However, I would prefer to write your copy from scratch.

I know that I’m not the cheapest copywriter that you can find. I have thought about offering dirt cheap prices too for my services. But I didn’t, because I wanted you to have the best outcome for your business.

My copywriting packages are specially designed to include aspects that are required to produce strategic, compelling, and impactful copy that will help you move your business forward.

Cheaper copywriting services will not offer the same level of personalised service, competitor research, marketing analysis and word-sciencing that my services include.

I don’t do face-to-face meetings unless we happen to meet at a live event by chance! Our meetings will be online via Zoom. You can also contact me via email.

It depends on the size of your project. You will also need to provide me with relevant information and feedback on my copy draft/s during the revision stage. All this will influence the time it takes to get your copy completed.

Unfortunately, I don’t do rush rates. I believe that to produce high-quality copy for your business, it’s important to give me enough time to do my research, analysis and copy creation. That way, you’ll have the best outcome and value for your money!

Communication is the key to getting your copy written the way that you want.

So, the more information you can provide to me about your business, brand story, services, ideal clients and tone of voice, the better as it’ll help me to understand what sort of copywriting style and angle you are looking for.

When I complete your first draft, you’ll have the opportunity to see whether you’re happy with what I’ve produced.

I know that you are an expert in your field. So, if you would like me to make any changes to the copy, you can let me know.

My copywriting packages include 2 revisions.

For the website and sales funnel copywriting services, I’ve included a bonus review and tweaking session which I will conduct 1 month from the date your content goes live. This will give you the opportunity to share with me any minor changes you’d like to make to your website or sales funnel copy.

I can write for practically any industry. My experience in understanding both science and arts has made it possible for me to turn even the most boring topics into easy-to-understand copy that appeals to people!

The only thing though is I’m not comfortable writing topics like religion, politics and legal matters.

I don’t charge GST. But this might change in the future.

Yes, I will require a 50% payment before I start working on your project. The remaining 50% payment is to be paid 7 days after I send you the first draft.

I live in a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes, of course. The good thing about the internet is that we can still meet each other online and correspond via email.

The only thing though is that if you want to get on a live Zoom call with me, please keep in mind that my time zone is Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

I can provide customised packages for you in areas that fall within my area of expertise.

There are some things that I won’t do such as social media posting, branding and business coaching.

To be sure of what I can and cannot offer, you can schedule a chat with me or message me through my contact form here.

I accept payments via credit card, PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer.

At the moment, I do not offer any copy coaching. However, in the future, I will be launching my copy templates. And I do have plans to expand my offerings to teach people how to write their own copy. If you want to know about my upcoming copy templates and other DIY copy products, please send me a message on my contact form here.

If you’re ready to work with me, I’d love to invite you for a free 30-minute Discovery Call. In this call, we will discuss more about your requirements to see if we are a good fit to work together.

To book a call with me go here.

If you’ve got more questions and would like to have a chat with me, then just book a call with me here.

Alternatively, you can send me a message on my contact form here.

Want to learn more about my copywriting services?

Find out how I can help you grow your business through conversion and creative copywriting.

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