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FREE Secrets: 7 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Kill Your Sales & Conversions

FREE Secrets: 7 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Kill Your Sales & Conversions

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Whether you’re just starting your coaching, consultancy or training business or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve specially hand-picked some useful tools and resources that are affordable and effective to help your business grow.

I’ll continue to explore more tools and resources and update this page regularly. So do remember to drop by this page every now and again.


If you choose to purchase from the links below, I will be getting a commission from your purchase. However, you will not be charged at a higher price by purchasing from these links. The funds from these purchases will be used to support this website and provide you and other readers with more tutorials. I thank you for your support in advance! =)

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It’s my way of saying ‘Thank you’ for your support and my very best wishes for your business future.

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Web Hosting


When it comes to choosing a web hosting, it’s important to consider the speed, reliability and customer support of the web hosting provider.

I chose to use HostArmada as my web hosting provider because they offered me a super fast speed for my website, multiple website backups daily, protection against Malware, FREE SSL, and great 24-hour customer service chat support.

The fact that I could choose my web server to be in Australia was great as it helped me to improve my website speed tremendously.

If you’re not located in Australia, you can choose to have your web server located in the place that’s nearest to where you live.   

There are three packages to choose from if you use HostArmada. But the package I’d highly recommend is the Speed Reaper, which starts at USD 5.39 / month. The second best option would be the Web Warp, which starts at USD 4.49/month.

Email Autoresponder


A great email autoresponder that lets you streamline your leads based on their interests and actions that they take.

By doing this, you will understand your email contacts better and increase your chances of getting higher open rates by sending to them relevant content.

What I particularly like about ConvertKit is their advanced automation features that make it easy for me to manage multiple lists without any hassle.

With an ever-growing list, this is one of the ways I use to keep my sanity rather than spending hours arranging my lists manually!

Their automation features are especially useful if you are a content creator with an abundance of content to share with your subscribers.

It also has beautiful and professional-looking landing pages that you can use to get people to subscribe to your email list.

And you can also sell your products and services through this email platform as they can be integrated with PayPal.

You can try ConvertKit for free by signing up for their free account and start paying when you are ready to send your email campaigns.

Once you decide to become a paying customer, your subscription fee will be as low as USD15/month if paid monthly; or USD 9/month if paid annually.

Grammar, Spelling and Word Checker App


A very powerful free online writing assistant that will help you to detect and correct your written work.

To use Grammarly, you can choose to download their app or sign up and log in to their website here.

I use this writing assistant practically every day as I create a lot of written content and find it the next best thing to have besides having a personal editor by my side!

This app will help you to detect spelling and grammar errors so that you can produce great written content.

And it also has a tone detector that will help to identify certain wordings or sentence structures that you can improve on to make your written work more presentable to your readers.

This includes suggesting certain words that can be used to replace your existing choice of words to provide a better outcome.

It also has more advanced features that will take your written works to the next level through its paid version.

With Grammarly, practically anyone can learn to become a better writer.

Professional Canva Design Kits

Biz Template Babe

A great place to get professional-looking Canva template designs that will help you to showcase your business and brand.

This is one of your best options if you want to portray a strong brand image to your customers but are not ready to hire a designer as yet.

Biz Template Babe provides affordable Canva design kits for creating beautiful eBooks and lead magnets.

They also have design kits for your social media posts and sales pages.

I currently use their lead magnet templates and find them very user-friendly. I could create professional designs quickly even as a non-designer.

If you want to check out their designs, you can choose to download a free sample template kit first and later on purchase the kit/s that are suitable for your business.

Brand Kit Template

Lady Boss Studio

Do you want to create a professional brand for your business but do not want to spend money hiring an expensive branding agency? 

Then The Instant Brand Blueprint by the Lady Boss Studio might be your best option.

When you purchase The Instant Brand Blueprint, you’ll have plenty of logo, imagery and colour palette options to choose from.

You’ll also get to compile mood boards, your brand style guide and business card with their easy-to-use customisable templates.

At the moment, they’re having this product on offer for only USD 27.

Website Building Course

Lady Boss Studio

Do you need a new website created but you’re not ready to hire a professional web designer?

With the Lady Boss Studio’s WordPress Website Academy course, you’ll learn to create stunning WordPress websites even if you don’t know how to do coding!

It’s a 5-day program that’ll teach you how to create professional-looking WordPress websites by using the Elementor Pro.

There will be lots of bonuses included in this course too. You can check them out here.

The total investment to enroll in the WordPress Website Academy is only USD 397.

Legal Templates & Contracts

The Remote Expert

Protect your coaching, consultancy or training business legally with affordable and easy-to-use legal templates and contracts from The Remote Expert.

Emma Heuston, a lawyer with over 20+ years of experience and founder of The Remote Expert has specially created these legal templates and contracts for small online business owners.

There are legal templates and contracts for coaches, professional services, course and online membership creators, creative business owners as well as other types of online businesses.

All the legal templates and contracts were drafted based on Australian law.

As long as you have an online presence and are dealing with other people in a paid or free capacity, it’s worth checking out the legal templates and contracts that might suit your business.

For a 10% discount off the legal templates from The Remote Expert, you can use my coupon code which is PLAINSIMPLE10

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