8 Best Tips on How to Make Money Online for Free

Making money can be challenging, especially if you have no money at all to get started. However, with the power of the internet, you can still make money online for free – even with little experience!

Here are my top tips on how to make money online without paying anything:-

Facebook Group

By regularly posting helpful tips and comments to members in Facebook Groups that are related to your chosen niche, you will soon gain popularity in this highly regarded social media channel.

You can then start your own Facebook Group and charge for members to gain access to this group. And of course, you must be able to offer content that is exclusive to members only or provide other additional support to them such as free group coaching.

This is because people will only be attracted to a paid Facebook Group if the benefits of joining really stands out compared to joining other free Facebook Groups.

YouTube Videos

Choose a specific niche that you would like to concentrate on and start posting YouTube videos on this topic regularly. Of course, the more you post your videos, the better. But if it is not possible to post a few times a week, try to post at least once a week. If not people may not be attracted to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to do your keyword search before deciding on a topic to talk about because your videos might not rank well and you won’t get viewers to your videos if you do not choose your keywords wisely. I’d recommend you to use Keywords Everywhere and Google Adwords to find suitable keywords for your YouTube videos.

You can monetize your YouTube Videos by using Google Adsense or promote affiliate products through your video demos. Don’t forget to put your affiliate links at the description section of your videos so that your viewers will know where to go to buy the products!


Many people who are familiar with the world of outsourcing knows that Fiverr is the place to go for work to be done at an affordable price.

But how do you as a freelancer make a lot of money from Fiverr if you only charge a small amount of fee for each gig?

Well, my advice to you is to use Fiverr as a way to get your name out there so that your potential customers will be able to know what services that you offer.

And when a potential customer enquires about your services, you can recommend them additional services that would help you to serve them even better.

With this strategy, you get to charge higher than your normal base price. And the best thing is that your customer will come back to you when they have more work to be done. So, you will start to get regular customers in no time!

Kindle eBook

If you love writing, then publishing Kindle eBooks for free could be the best way for you to make money online. There are a lot of free software that you can use to design your eBooks to suit the Kindle format. Furthermore, if you publish in a hot niche, your chances of having potential customers knowing about your eBooks from Amazon will be quite high because Amazon is a really popular website especially for book lovers. Besides this, you can also get your blog or social media followers to buy your eBooks by simply recommending it to them. So just start writing!

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission for every sale made from your affiliate link. You need not worry about spending money to create the product. Your job is to just to promote and recommend the product. A good free method you can use to promote affiliate products is by doing YouTube demo videos (as mentioned earlier!). If you are a social media influencer, you can also benefit by promoting affiliate products to your followers.

Website Designer

Having a blog and growing a business through the internet is so common in today’s digital world. However, many do not have the patience or technical abilities to build and design their own websites to perfection. If you like building websites (especially WordPress sites), then you can help people set-up their websites, choose suitable web templates for them and customise their website designs according to their individual needs and tastes. You can promote your website design services especially through YouTube. This is because when people have technical problems with their websites, they will normally go to YouTube for answers. And when you have done-for-you web design services that takes care of everything for them, you might get some paying customers in the door sooner than you think!

Sell on eBay

Do you have a lot of pre-loved items and would like to re-sell them for a profit? Then you might get some serious cash by selling them on eBay. This is especially the case if you happen to own pre-loved items that are antique because once refurbished, you get to increase the price of these goods tremendously.

Online Courses

Do you like to teach or show people how to do stuff? Then you can create your very own online courses and start selling them for really good prices. You can start by hosting your online courses for free on Udemy and Teachable.

So these are my 8 Best Tips on How to Make Money Online for Free. I hope these tips will be useful to you especially when starting your business with zero start-up cost.

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