How to Create Engaging Blog Content

Whether you’re an experienced or new blogger, I’m sure that there would be a time when you have struggled to engaging blog content ideas for your viewers.

Writing a blog post can be really challenging especially if you run out of topics to write about.  The worst thing you would want to do is write an article for the sake of publishing it.

To help you in your future blog posts, I’ve prepared a simple guide that you can follow to determine future article for your website that would engage your readers.

How to Generate Engaging Blog Posts


To help you in your future blog posts, I’ve prepared a simple guide that you can follow to determine future article for your website that would engage your readers.

A really great place to find blog topics that would engage your readers is to visit forums related to your blog niche.

For instance, if you have a website on gardening, you would visit the Gardening-Forums website below to search for topics.

An important tip is to look out for the latest forum posts and see how many readers engage with the post.

You can also go to to search on a topic related to your niche to get ideas on what to write about.

For this exercise, I will type in ‘dancing’ in the search bar of to see what happens.

And as you can see below, below are the articles that have social media engagements based the topic you have searched. You can view the exact number of social media engagements that were generated by each article too.

Google Trends

Another tool that you can use for blog content is Google Trends. With this tool, you will be able to search for trending topics related to a certain topic of your interest. You will also be able to find related topics to the topic that you have searched.

You can narrow down the search based on country.  For this exercise, I have chosen ‘United States’ as the country and ‘music’ as the search term.

Google News

Besides Google Trends, you can also search for breaking news on Google News. What I like about it is that this webpage lets you search by categories and provides you a list of top stories.

Social media shares

The best way to do this is to sign up for social media accounts with popular social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest Twitter and Instagram.

If you actively search for topics related to your blog niche and follow influencers in your field through these channels, you will receive social media shares to see which topics resonate well with readers within your niche.

A good tip is to see which posts have generated a lot of user engagements before attempting to write an article on that specific topic.

Other blogs in your industry

It is also beneficial to visit other blogs that write articles on topics related to your industry or niche. By reading the content produced by other bloggers, you may get more blog ideas on what to write for your next post.


A really cool website that can also help you to get ideas for your blog is All you need to do is let them know what topic you want to search and you will be able to see what questions are posted in the community. You can use these questions for inspiration to write your upcoming article.

Comments from blogs

Besides reading industry related blog posts, you can also get ideas from the comments from each blog post.

For an example, I would type ‘how to make a coffee table + blog’ to find a related blog post in Google Search once I’ve decided on the topic I’d like to write about after searching several other industry related blog posts.

Then I found this really great website called A Beautiful Mess, which teaches me how to create my own coffee table.

After this, I went to the comment section to search for more ideas, and found this comment from Morgan who suggested to make a plant stand.

This could be potentially another blog post for me!


If you have a local bookstore where you live, then you can head to their magazine rack and search for magazines related to your niche. Budget permitting, you can subscribe to several industry related magazines so that you get a continuous flow of ideas for your blog development.

Television shows

Depending on your blog niche, you may be able to find television shows that are directly related to your website. This is especially the case if you own a cooking, home improvement / interior design, financial advice, property, food or travel blogs. 

Conference or event topics

Another really useful tip is to find out conferences and events related to your blog niche. Most often, in the conference or event official website, you will be able to download their event itinerary.  Read through their itinerary and you will be able to see some trending topics that you can write about in your blog. This would definitely be engaging to your audience as these topics have been hand-picked by professionals in the field.

Solutions to your own challenges

Another way to find ideas for your blog post is to write articles that offer solutions to your own challenges. This is of course provided the challenges that you solve are related to your blog niche. In the internet, people are often finding solutions to problems. So if your article can help them to solve their challenges, then you’ll have readers who will appreciate and engage with your post.

And that’s it. I hope you’ll be able to generate some awesome blog content ideas that engage your readers.

Tried any of these tips and managed to produce a great article? Share your successes in the comment section below.


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