Digital Content Batching Strategy For Busy Entrepreneurs

Have you ever struggled coming up with content for your business consistently? Then digital content batching can help you. This is a strategy most often used to assist busy entrepreneurs to churn out mass content without wasting too much time on production.

The reason why digital content batching is a great strategy is because when you use this method for content creation, you only need to focus on one similar task at the time so that you can give full concentration in completing it.

You can use this strategy to come up with content for your blog, social media posts, videos, podcast sessions, freebie offers, newsletter articles, graphic creations and many more!

Once you master this content strategy, you will be able to work more productively so that you can save time to do other vital stuff for your business.

Here’s what you should do to use digital content batching for your business.

Determine Your Content Purpose

Developing content to grow your business is considered content marketing. And with content marketing, whatever content you create needs to be intentional – either to help you gain brand awareness or gather more leads and sales.

So to do effective content marketing, you need to have a clear purpose for your content.

Before going any further in your content creation, you need to ask yourself what sort of content you can create that will attract your potential and existing customers to buy from you.

Or in the case of brand awareness campaigns, you might want to think of the types of content that will give your target audience more exposure to your brand.

When you create valuable content that your target audience is searching for, your business and brand visibility will increase.

This will bring you more leads and sales in the long run.

Brainstorm Your Content Ideas

Once you’re clear about the purpose of your content creation, you need to set aside some time to brainstorm your content ideas.

For a successful brainstorming session, I’d advise you to choose a time when your creativity is at its peak. It might be in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. You will need to determine the best time to do this brainstorming session as everybody is different.

When doing your brainstorming session, you can come up with a list of content topics that you can use for future content creation.

You can also list down potential questions that are asked by your target audience and save suitable images that will go well with your content.

You may find yourself carried away with this brainstorming session and take longer than expected because you might just come up with too many ideas!

So to save yourself time, you can determine the set number of content ideas you want to come up so that you won’t waste time generating with too many ideas.

You can save your content ideas list in an Excel spreadsheet or any other types of software that you feel is suitable for your needs.

Research Industry Publications, News and Competitors

When coming up with ideas for your content creation, it is highly beneficial to keep abreast with topics that are discussed within your industry.

You can set aside some time every week to read industry publications, news articles and competitor websites to see what are the hot topics that are frequently discussed and that have gained a lot of attention from your target audience.

When you discover interesting topics that you can repurpose for your next content creation, then save this to your content ideas list.

You can also use the topics that are discussed to give you inspiration for other related topics that might be of interest to your future and existing customers.

Create A Content Plan

Next, you need to create a content plan to ensure that you will have enough content for the period of time that you want.

You might want to plan your content for a week or a month.

Some people find it easier and faster to create content if they are creating it in themes or series. That way, you won’t need to delve deep in several topics but just focus on one main topic and break it down to different content pieces.

Your content plan is something like an editorial calendar. You will need to determine the things that you wish to promote or brand perception that you are creating first. Then you should match this purpose with your content ideas.

You might also want to take into consideration the type of sales funnel that you are creating for your business and use your content to move people down into your sales funnel.

Once you have all this in place, you can create a schedule to give you a broad overview of what you’re going to create for that month or week.

By doing this, it will help you to stay organized so that you will know what you’re supposed to focus on.

Create Content Outline

Once you’ve finalised what your content topics should be, you can move on to creating your content outline.

This need not be done all at once. You can slowly gather ideas for your content piece over some time. You can use either a word document or other documenting software to save all your content outline ideas.

You can include about 3 -5 main points that you need to cover in your content piece. And after that, add in your introduction, conclusion and call-to-action.

When you create an outline for your content, you will be able to create your content much faster. This is because you’ll have time to think about the content you are creating.

So when you sit down to produce the content, you will complete it quickly.

Create Your Actual Content

With your content outline, you can spend some time creating your actual content.

Because your outline is already there, all you need to do is combine the information into carefully constructed sentences. You can also add the images that you’ve found earlier to your content pieces.

This works for whatever content you are creating – be it for your blog posts, newsletter articles as well as YouTube or podcast scripts.

I’d advise you to choose a time that you can think your best. If you’re more awake in the evening, then do this in the evening. If you’re more awake in the morning, then do it in the morning. It’s also best to choose a quiet location so that you can have the peace of mind to think clearly when creating your content.

Once your content is done, you can edit it. But do not edit it immediately, wait until the next day to edit it. This is because after creating content, your brains will be too tired to think and spot any mistakes that you may have!

Automate Your Social Media Posts

Based on your content calendar, you can use automation software to send your social media posts to promote whatever content that you’ve created.

This works extremely well especially if you do not have the time to send them manually every week or if you’re going for a vacation and will have no access to the internet or will just be plain lazy to send the posts at that time!

Some really popular social media automation software are such as Buffer and Hootsuite. They both have free versions. But if you want to use their additional functions, you will need to pay for a subscription.

Being able to use digital content batching strategy to come up with consistent content that will attract your future and existing customers to learn about your business and buy from you is a good thing. However, if you go all out to create all the quality and valuable content for your target audience but do not know where to find them, all your effort will be gone to waste.

In my eBook entitled Power Handbook To Finding Your Ideal Customers Who Really Spend, I will reveal exactly how you can find your best customers who will spend and get them to contact you! If you want to know more about this eBook, click here.

I hope that this digital content batching strategy that I’ve shared with you will be able to help you to come up with more content consistently. Have you tried content batching before and have found it useful in growing your business? Or do you have other content batching tips to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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