Multi Channel Marketing For Beginners

Want to grow your business faster on the internet? Then you’d definitely want to consider doing multi channel marketing because it’s the fastest way to reach more target customers in a short span of time – even if you’re just a beginner.

To help you understand what multi channel marketing is all about and how to implement it in your business, I’ve specially written this article for beginners in online marketing.

What Is Multi Channel Marketing?

Multi channel marketing is the practice of interacting with your potential customers and customers through different channels.

These channels can be both online and offline communication channels.

In today’s digital world, consumers are choosing to receive information and make purchases with the communication channels that they are most comfortable with.

With multi channel marketing, you will be able to interact directly and indirectly with your customers practically 24/7 by meeting them at their point of need and at the channel of their choice.

You can choose practically any communication channels to do your multi channel marketing strategy.

You can communicate with your target customers through emails, direct mail, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, social media, online landing pages, eCommerce stores, physical shops (eg, retail stores), catalogues, direct mail, SMS messaging, promotional events, word-of-mouth or mobile apps.

Examples of Multi Channel Marketing

There are many instances where we can use multi channel marketing to give a boost to our marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to do multi channel marketing using online communication channels, you can easily create a strategy that will appeal to the following channels at the same time with ease:
YouTube / Instagram
Blog / Pinterest
Computer / Mobile Device
Pay-Per-Click Ads / Online Landing Pages
YouTube / Blog
Twitter / Blog

The Benefits Of Having A Multi Channel Strategy

Building a multi channel strategy for your business can be advantageous because it will increase the exposure of your brand to a larger pool of potential customers and customers through different channels.

By having more customer touchpoints, you will also be able to collect more data about the preference and behaviour of your target customers. So this can be put to great use to improve your future marketing campaigns.

With this method, you also provide your customers to buy and interact with you using the medium of their choice. This will give them greater customer experience and satisfaction – so this will encourage them to buy from you more!

Also, target customers who spend their time using multiple communication channels will be more likely to spend more time reading and understanding your brand. This will encourage brand loyalty!

What Are The Limitations Of Multi Channel Marketing?

However, multi channel marketing does come with its limitations.

As a startup or solopreneur, businesses may find creating messages for multiple channels a little bit too time-consuming. So rather than concentrate on so many communication channels, it’s best for them to start out with concentrating on just 2 channels first before moving on to implementing strategies in other channels.

Another challenge that entrepreneurs may face is being able to create a consistent look, experience and message across all the different channels. This is especially the case when an entrepreneur outsources his or her work without giving proper guidance on the look, feel and brand message to virtual assistants or freelancers.

When marketing messages are not created with a consistent look, feel and brand message, your potential customers will be frustrated and confused. This will make them opt-out from receiving more information from you.

The Best Ways To Implement Multi Channel Marketing For Beginners?

So how can you do multi channel marketing in a way that will impact your business positively?

Here are my 4 tips:
• Determine the look, feel and brand message you want to portray across all channels
• Create a professional marketing platform profile that describes what you do as a business
• Put yourself in the shoes of a typical customer that you want to attract and plan your marketing strategy based on this person’s customer journey to create the best experience possible
• When creating multi channel marketing campaigns, always focus on encouraging more customer engagement

The act of creating a multi channel marketing strategy in a way that takes into consideration the best customer experience is also known as omnichannel.

With the omnichannel strategy, more and more customers and potential customers will feel motivated to buy from you and refer your brand to other people!

So now you’ve learnt what is multi channel marketing for beginners and how to implement it in your business.

It’s time to start putting this knowledge into action.

Your customers are waiting for someone like you to provide the solutions to their problems at a time that they need it.

But the question is – will you be there for them when they need you the most?

I hope you found this article on Multi Channel Marketing For Beginners helpful. Have you tried multi channel marketing and found success? What other topics would you like to hear from me in my future articles? I’d love to know in the comments section below.

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