How To Create Epic Blog Content That Will Rock Your Readers’ World

It is every bloggers dream to create epic blog content that attracts their ideal target audience to engage with it, share it, bookmark it for future references and read it over and over again. I mean, who wants to spend hours writing articles that nobody will read or even care about? None, right? That’s why in this article, I’m going to explain to you exactly how you can create epic posts for your blog that will rock your readers’ world!

You must be scratching your head right now wondering what is epic content, right?

Well, epic content is content that provides the ultimate solution to your readers’ problem, provides them with the courage to move mountains to solve it, motivates them to change for the better, inspires them to share the content with others and emotionally connects with them so that they can fully engage with it.

Epic content is the key to connecting with your target audience at a higher level to gain more loyal readers and increase the popularity of your blog, brand and business!

Although we can never really fully define whether an article is epic, readers of the content will know it straight away when they see it!

So if you are planning to write epic articles for your blog to impress your readers, then keep reading.

Here are my best strategies on How to Create Epic Blog Content That Will Rock Your Readers’ World:


When preparing your blog articles, do not rush into hitting the ‘Publish’ button as soon as you have completed your write-ups. Take the time to read your post over and over again, preferably aloud at least twice to spot any typo or grammatical errors. Remove any jargons that are not familiar to your target audience. Try to simplify the way you explain things so that it will be easier for your readers to understand what you are trying to say. Make your message as clear as possible.

Catchy Headlines

A great article will never get noticed without catchy headlines that will draw your readers towards it. So remember to brainstorm potential headlines first before hitting your ‘Publish’ button. In my article ’17 Catchy Blog Headlines That Actually Work’, I explained how to craft impactful blog headlines that will attract your potential audience to read your articles. Take a look at this article by clicking here.

Be Conversational

Try to spark a conversation with your audience by writing as if you are talking to them. Blogging is an informal way to connect to your target audience. There are many ways you can use to set the conversational tone going in your articles. A really popular way to start a conversation is by asking questions to your audience and encouraging them to leave comments in your blog.

Controvversial Views

As a beginner in blogging many years ago, I feared to express views that are controversial to the norm because I was afraid that there would be readers who will hate me for what I stand for. However, I now realised that by expressing my views honestly, I draw more loyal readers to follow me. Creating controversial views not only attracts attention, but because it is seen as an alternative to what is usually being said, people will tend to get excited and share about it even more. It’s considered – ‘news’! So if you are afraid to write controversial views, do not hesitate. Because by doing so, you’re probably just one step away to creating that epic blog content you’ve always wanted!

Unique Solutions

Have you ever been searching high and low for a solution to a pressing problem in your life or workplace only to find that the answers given in each and every blog you visit are the same? You’ve tried all the recommendations and unfortunately, the problem was not solved and you keep on running into the same answers whenever you go online over and over again. Will you get frustrated? I’m sure you will…

Well, like many people will say – if it’s not new, then it’s not news!

So do your readers a favour and give them alternative solutions to their problems. Because if they have tried you solutions and found them useful, they will probably let others know about you and your blog!

Be Detailed

Another mistake that many bloggers make is writing as though their readers already have prior knowledge about the topic they are covering; or writing as though they can read the writer’s mind. When writing your blog content, explain the topic and any complicated terms or words in detail so that your readers will understand where you are coming from. This will motivate them to continue reading your article. You can publish ultimate guides, tutorials, detailed to-do lists and in-depth case studies or examples to give them a thorough understanding on what you are explaining. When you get to connect to your readers at their level of understanding, you can also inspire them to take action and succeed. Readers love to share about blog articles that connect to their emotions and help them to change their lives.

Action Oriented Advice

You should also strive towards giving action oriented advice to your readers. If everything is elaborated in just a story form without including any list of actions required for success, your readers may feel lost when it comes to taking the first few steps to solving their problems. So by having a list of actions that they can take, this will help them to overcome their fears of not knowing how to get started and minimize their level of failure. When your readers are more confident that your solution can help them with their problems, they will most likely share it with others facing similar problems as them.

Invoke Emotion

Connect with your readers’ hearts through your written blog content by inspiring them to push forward and overcome their obstacles. Provide them with the confidence they need to succeed in their challenges.

When you get to connect with them at an emotional level, they will begin to step into your world and see what it would be like once they have solved their problems.

Share with them the stories about how you went through the same thing that they are going through now. Let them know how you faced it with courage and the emotional roller-coaster you went through. And describe to them how you felt after you have solved your challenges.

Stir their emotions, connect to their hearts and they will love your content and share it with everybody they know!

Visually Appealing

You only have a few seconds to impress your readers. People are no longer just attracted to blog posts through written content. They are attracted through images too!

Have you ever scrolled through your favourite social media channel such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and find yourself stop to read a post from an unfamiliar person because of the catchy images that has been attached to the post? I’m sure you have! And the same goes for blog posts…

So to attract more readers to your blog content, you need to include images!

Some examples of images you can add to make your content epic are photos, infographics, videos and diagrams.

Do Your Research

I know that a lot of internet marketing ‘gurus’ out there are drumming in your heads to publish at least 1 article a day. But to me, that is not even necessary…In fact, if you force yourself to publish everyday but have no idea what content to publish, what you will find yourself doing is publishing for the sake of publishing.

And because the content is rushed, your readers will notice. Your article quality will be compromised and your readers will see you as being unprofessional.

So hold back…

Do your research thoroughly before writing your blog article and hit ‘Publish’ only when you are ready.

When your target audience gets to know about your article, reads it and finds it valuable, they will be hungry for more information. This is a key to getting them to visit your blog over and over again.

Now imagine if you simply wrote an article for the sake of publishing it and your target audience discovers it? What impact will it bring to their lives? Nothing, right? Will they ever come to your blog again? Probably not!
So do your research first before writing and publishing your article. You won’t regret it.

Valuable Content

Last but not least – make sure to give valuable content if you want your blog to be epic. If you’ve managed to provide the ultimate solution to your readers that cannot be found anywhere else, your readers will definitely find your content valuable.

And when you provide solid advice without using flowery words or using 1000 words when you can explain things in just 50 words, that’s valuable too!

I guess that’s all the tips I can share today…

Although there will never be a 100% guarantee on whether your blog content will be seen as epic….All you can do is just do your part and follow these steps.

And let your readers decide whether your content is epic or not!

If you like what I just shared on How to Create Epic Blog Content That Will Rock Your Readers’ World, or have implemented any of these steps and found success, then I’d encourage you to leave your comments in the comment section below. And if you have friends of family members who are struggling to create an impact through blogging, then share this article with them too. Remember, a little help goes a long way!

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