5 Quick Freebies You Can Create For Lead Generation

If you’ve been browsing for topics on the internet – you’ve probably encountered an instance whereby you were invited to opt-in to a subscribers list to get a freebie. Freebies are a form of lead magnet that many businesses use to collect the contact details (usually names and email addresses) of their ideal target customers. This can be part of a lead generation campaign or just an ongoing activity.

It’s a fact that people won’t simply give their email addresses to anyone, unless either they’re already interested to buy something from you or feel that they will get something valuable from you by exchanging their email address.

With a quality email list of your target customers, you can continuously get in touch with those who are in your list to build a connection and cultivate trust towards your business or brand.

When you get to strengthen your relationship with your potential customers, you will be likely to close more deals in the future. This will help your business to grow.

If you are looking to create freebies yourself to be offered to your target customers, you need to take into consideration the time and effort it will take on your part. You would still need to create something that is going to be valuable to your subscribers so that they would want to know more about your brand. But you won’t want to suffer from a burnt-out from creating your freebies.

Effective lead magnets should help your potential customers solve their problems, provide guidance so that they can achieve quick wins in solving their challenges, and contain information that is easy to understand and implement.
In this article, I will reveal to you 5 quick freebies that you can create to start getting quality leads for your business right now.


Cheatsheets are something like an eBook, but a much shorter form. It normally contains just a few key points and is less than 10 pages long. It elaborates about a specific topic but summarises it in a way that suits busy readers.

The reason why cheatsheets are becoming more popular is because we live in a busy world. So not everyone has the time to read an eBook to start implementing things. Although an eBook will elaborate more about a topic, a cheatsheet will work well in getting busy people to becoming your subscribers.

Another good thing about cheatsheets is that your subscribers will be more likely to go through all the contents in your cheatsheets and implement the strategies or steps that you have recommended to them.

So chances are that these people would experience quick wins. Rather than choosing a broader topic, pick on a very specific problem or challenge that your target customers have and let them know how they can overcome this in the fastest way possible.

When your subscribers begin to see quick wins, they will trust you and your brand more and even buy from you in the future!


Checklists are one of the highest converting lead magnets available. It is most commonly used for attracting people to opt-in after reading a blog post or viewing a YouTube video.

A checklist is normally 1-3 pages long and consists of actionable steps to take in order to thrive in a particular area.

You can easily create a checklist by going through your blog posts or YouTube videos to pick out the key points stated in your content.

By downloading a checklist, your subscriber can be reminded of the vital steps that he or she should take to succeed in their area of concern.

Checklists are extremely easy to follow and attractive to potential customers because it challenges them to take the vital steps to conquer areas of concern.

It can be easily consumed by your readers, so you will find that most of them will implement your strategies successfully and begin to look at you and your brand favourably.

Swipe File

Swipe Files are another irresistible lead magnet that you can easily create for your ideal customers to download in exchange for their email addresses.

This type of lead magnet is more suitable if you are in the copywriting, marketing or advertising niche because swipe files are all about writing!

Some cool swipe files you can create for your target customers are such as swipe files for email copywriting, advertisements, headlines and social media posts.

People will love becoming your subscribers for your swipe files because they won’t need to do hours of research and finding suitable copywriting styles they can follow to bring them positive results.

All they need is to copy your swipe file examples and modify it according to their business needs to start seeing results!

Resource List

Another great way easy freebie you can create for your potential customers is a resource list.

People are generally drawn to opting-in to resource lists because they know the valuable time they can save by downloading them.

With a resource list, your job is to do thorough research on a topic that will highly benefit your target audience and reveal suitable resources to your subscribers for free in exchange for their email addresses.

You resource list can consist of a list of free tools available online or useful websites that will beneficial your target customers for achieving a specific goal.


You may also wish to create worksheets for your ideal customers to download. This is especially useful if you are teaching about a specific topic through your blog or YouTube video.

Your worksheets can consist of thought-provoking questions that will help your subscriber to think about the topic that you’ve covered so that he or she can work towards mastering that specific area. By answering the questions, he or she will be able to consume the information that you have taught and implement it more effectively.

That would be a quick win on their part!

When creating freebies for your target customers, bear in mind that different lead magnets will appeal to different people. For collecting more leads, you might have to experiment by using a number of different lead magnets to find the best ones that would attract your target customers to opt-in.

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I hope that with this article, you’ll be able to start creating some freebies for your target customers so that you can build a profitable email list for your business. Have you used these freebies before for your lead generation and gotten a lot of opt-ins? Or do you have other freebie examples to share? I’d love to know. Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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